About us

fully integrated real estate development company

Founded by the Cecora brothers, Higher Ground is a fully integrated real estate development company focused on improving the overall “built environment.” With decades of experience, we’re able to leverage our established long-standing industry relationships and combine with our expertise in architectural design & construction to create unique and exceptional projects.

Our perspective is fresh and unconventional which allows us to structure deals tailored to the specific opportunity in play. We consider all possible avenues including: joint-venture partnerships with existing ownership, ground-leases and complex fee sales.


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Peter Cecora
Principal - co-founder

Peter’s approach to real estate development is rooted in his formal education as an Architect & Urban Designer and coupled with the experience of working alongside his brother Ray for the past 12 years. As the primary force behind Higher Ground’s commitment towards realizing better buildings, Peter oversees the design and construction of all Higher Ground’s projects.

After spending much of his early years cultivating methods to find off-market deals, Peter has also established himself as an effective deal-seeker. His tenacious and enthusiastic demeanor continuously lead to new and exclusive opportunities for Higher Ground.

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Ray Cecora
Principal - Co-founder

Ray has a passion for real estate development, its influence on society and its impact on the spaces with which we live, work & play. His 18 yrs of commercial real estate investment experience has produced a proven track record of identifying opportunities to create value and to improve the world we live in.

Ray’s cultivated network and reputation has provided significant value when deals require additional layers of creativity and credibility. As such, Ray leads Higher Ground towards identifying new market trends, innovating creative financing structures and the art of match-making.

We are currently looking for new opportunities that meet these requirements
  • Asset Type:
    Development / Repositioning - Mixed-Use, Multifamily, Office, Affordable Housing
  • Locations:
    Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Miami
  • Deal size:
    20,000 - 500,000 SF
Please email [email protected] if you have any deals to share.